Setting My Soul Free

"Self-love is a continuous manifestation of courage to keep on living as your most authentic self." -Bernike Effendi  There is an emotional pain that I've been feeling more and more as I try my best to embody self-love. I have four tattoos and not one of them hurt. I ran into a pole last week … Continue reading Setting My Soul Free


Trigger warning: sexual assault/abuse content Take a moment right now to imagine a community you belong to. Any or all of them. Your church community, your school community, your family, social groups, sports, theater, co-workers, any group you belong to. Imagine those people who surround you. Some on a daily basis, some here and there, … Continue reading #MeToo


I once wrote a poem called Home my freshman year of college, back in the Garden Level of Regina Hall days. The gist of it is that home can be anywhere, anyone, or anything. And since I've written it, just as it described, my home altered and changed and became a different place, different people, … Continue reading 222