Nice to meet you, Rachal.

My name is Rachal.
I’ve never met you before, but I’ve heard about you.
They told me you’re the energetic one.
That there was another you, but they like you more, the energetic, free flowing one.
It’s weird, they told me I looked just like you but I don’t really see it.
You’re much prettier than me. You look put together, strong, and happy. I’m not quite like you at all, thinking about it.
I’ll probably never be anything like you.
Not a chance.
What’s it like being you?
I heard you’re a runner and you actually enjoy it?
I used to run too, but I couldn’t do it anymore. My body gave out and so did I mentally. Isn’t it a lot to take care of yourself? I could never do that.
You’re brave. I’m not at all. I’m terrified of everything. I worry constantly and most times feel hopeless.
They told me how inspiring you are.
That must be really cool, to have people who admire you and believe in you.
No one believes in me.
I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m worthless. It’s really true to be honest.
I don’t like myself at all. I can see why others don’t either.
Do you like yourself? You seem like you do.
I wish I was confident like you.
You look proud to be alive. Like you can’t be defeated no matter what comes your way.
Everything crushes me. Anything bad is awful and feels like the world is ending.
My world feels like it’s ending.
I sometimes want to end my world.
I don’t really want to exist anymore.
Do you ever feel like that?
Probably not.
Have you ever felt like that?

Hi, my name is Rachal too.
I have felt like that before.
Because I am future you.

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